Off the grid

I live off grid - literally and metaphorically. Our remote, hilltop house is off the electricity grid, so we are solar powered. And the small Spanish town where it is located is well off the beaten track for anyone but rock climbers or bird watchers.

This suits me. It gives me a different view (see my talk at the Do Lectures or the book that came from it, ‘Do - Improvise’). It means I am always out on an edge. Increasingly I bring people here as well, to give them a different perspective. Arenas de San Pedro and the effects of the landscape, features quite prominently in my latest book, ‘Do - Pause’.

I am a designer of learning experiences. Like ‘The Creative Tapas Experiment' or ‘The Oxford Praxis Forum Reading Retreats'.  I believe in playing around with things (and people) rather than trying to control them.

I am fascinated by the power of place and the absurdity of human attempts to control ourselves, other people and things around us. I want us to be able to learn to enjoy uncertainty, rather than dread it.

The arenas I play around in include The Do Lectures (where the picture above was taken) Schumacher College, Oxford University and my own back yard – including Dehesa de La Serna, a family farm where my wife produces organic beef and I organise events.


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