Do Improvise

My new book 'Do Improvise' is out.

I am very honoured to have been asked to be one of the first 'Do' authors and Miranda, who runs Do Books, seduced me into it with the beguiling brief 'it will be rather like a Ladybird book' (for those of you old enough to remember such things). It is shorter than 'Everything's an Offer' and I am curious to see what relationship the two end up having to each other. It feels rather like wondering how your children will get on when they grow up.

I am thrilled by the cover design (huge hat tip to James Victore and Do Books in general for persuading him to do the covers). As well as Miranda, and my wife Bea (who saved me as the deadline loomed) enormous thanks to Ronan Harrington who took great trouble to read it closely and suggest some changes, most of which we happily embraced.