There is always the chance of a fresh start

I had a terrible day on Wednesday. I didn't get anything like what I wanted to do done. What I did, I didn't like. Then, in a foul mood, 'everything' got worse, mostly because I started interpreting it that way. Which gave me the great displeasure of being right. Which made me bad tempered with the people I love most in the world. Well done Robert. What struck me, at 6am on Thursday as I got up to write, was the power of a fresh start. Consulting with the pillow (as we say here in Spain) makes that easier, but what I noticed was how, if we choose, we can make a fresh start at any point, at any level of scale. Not just each day, but each hour, each minute, each moment.

It doesn't require an overnight sleep, it just requires you to let go of the emotional energy you are dragging from the past moments or hours, into the current moment. It takes a certain power of observation and will to do this, but that's all. That fresh start is always there (like one of Gary's robots) waiting for you. If you really want it, all you have to do is accept it.