Act yourself into a new way of thinking

'Start before you are ready' is an invitation to action. It reminds me that we can act ourselves into a new way of thinking, just as well as we can think ourselves into a new way of acting. This maxim encourages me to pay attention to what is happening as events unfold, to be present and attentive to what actually happens, rather than what I imagine might happen.

Start before you're ready

Start before you're ready

I have been very struck recently by how productive it can be to start things before you are 'ready'. It is something improvisers do the whole time. They step on stage before they have an idea, rather than waiting until they have one. They let the idea emerge from the action.

The false god of scale

Human scale. What a difference it makes. Yesterday I wanted to transfer money from a UK account to an account in Spain. By chance I got an e mail from Lloyds bank that very morning saying that they had just made this easier and that I could do it on-line. Hooray!