Do - Pause’, my third book, came out on March 13th 2019. I was thrilled to be invited to present it in the Blackwell’s Marquee at the Oxford literary festival, here. The book is about actively changing the rhythms of life and work rather than feeling subject to the clock. Judging by the response on social media, that seems to be a theme that many people connect with. You can read an excerpt from it on the Do Book Co page on Medium and The Observer asked me to write a piece on it, which will be out in July. It is available for purchase, here. And if you are interested in the audio book version, you shouldn’t have to wait too long, I recorded it in early June and it should be out soon.

"Do - Improvise" was my second book. It came out in 2013 and yet, thanks to Miranda West and all at Do Books, and designer James Victore’s lovely cover, it keeps on selling (over 11,000 copies at the latest count). You can find it here or, much to my delight, in the National Theatre Bookshop in London - amongst other places. It got a mention in the Observer in December 2013 too. There is an audio book version too. Read by me. In February 2017 I spent a fascinating, if tiring couple of days in a studio in London recording it.

"Everything's an Offer" was my first book. It was described by one agent as 'long winded and talky'. You can find it here on Amazon, though if you want one, you will have to settle for a second hand one, as it is out of print. 

I love writing, but I also write to help me synthesise what I have learned. The books operate as search algorithms, bringing me into contact with interesting people from all over the world. Since most of my work is intangible, it’s also nice to have made something solid. I love the fact that once a book is finished, it stays written.