The first Creative Tapas was held in May 2012 at La Lobera just outside Arenas (which is where the 2020 event will be held).

It was a powerful experience. At 10pm on the Saturday night, barely 24 hours after the group first met we experienced an amazing array of creations - a soundscape at the bottom of an empty swimming pool, three films (including a stop frame animation), a dance/movement piece accompanied by flute, human sculpture, a wish granting totem pole fashioned out of old tyres, a puppet show summarising the whole weekend and more.

We had a great time – the memories will be lifelong – but we also learned a huge amount.  Some of the things that struck me were:

  • how many different styles there are to collaborate, not just working in a group

  • how creative it can be to start before you are ready

  • how much we can do, how quickly, if we let ourselves

  • the power of dressing up (I ended up in top hat and tails and that turned out to be incredibly powerful)