Parenthesis is a four day retreat for experienced people who are asking themselves ‘what next?’.

You might be taking up a big new job, thinking of shifting course or working out how to deal with a whole new context (e.g. working outside the corporate world).

What you get is time out to think.

The event is held at a beautiful and ancient house just south of Avila, Spain whose natural beauty and long history inevitably give people new perspectives. The group is facilitated by myself and my friend and colleague, Hilary Gallo. We use a wide range of activities and experiences, tools and models to help people pursue their questions.

The group itself is also very important – being in the presence of ‘friendly strangers’ who may share questions or challenges, but have a different context, is very helpful to people and they often find that by considering someone else’s story, they see something new in their own.

For more details, or to talk to someone who has attended, please get in touch with:


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