It’s amazing what you can make in a day

In 2020 The ‘Creative Tapas Experience’ is coming back.

It is a weekend extravaganza of creative collaboration, where fifty or so people, who never met before, come together and create whatever they like.

You need no expertise, there are no assigned teams, no competition, and there is no obligation to make anything at all. There is just the chance to play around with all sorts of materials and see what emerges, which is maybe why it works so well for children and families. You can do more than one thing, or nothing at all. It’s perfectly fine to just sit in the sun and watch.

In the evening, we visit all the creations, one after another, ‘tapas’ style. The quantity and variety is mind blowing. Somehow, in the space of a day, people find themselves making extraordinary things.

One of the creations at the 2016 event, was a film about the event itself, which gives you a good sense of what it feels like.   

We will post more information here as the event takes shape.