Our house has photovoltaic and thermal solar panels and a biomass boiler and I was interviewed for a documentary in 2008 about energy use in Spain and living off grid. A couple of years back we bought new batteries. And I don't mean AA's.

Contrary to popular opinion, the rain in Spain doesn’t fall mainly on the plain but here, in the mountains. Arenas de San Pedro (where I live) is known locally as 'the urinal of Gredos' for precisely that reason. Though this year there has been a drought.

We have thirty six olive trees which we harvest every December.

I have two season tickets for Real Madrid. Primer Anfiteatro Lateral, Sector 221, Fila 7, Asiento 39 and Asiento 32. I love the football itself, though the circus that is Real Madrid can be maddening. I also find it fascinating that you have to learn to look in a different way to see live football properly.