University of Oxford

I studied at Oxford University but never imagined I would work there. Yet in 2001, serendipity led me back. I am now an Associate Fellow at both Green Templeton College and the Said Business School. Which, I hope, sounds fabulously impressive.

At the Business School I am part of the faculty for the Strategic Leadership Programme – Oxford’s flagship Executive Education programme, where I have been a contributor, tutor and Programme Director. As a result I get to meet a huge variety of leaders from all over the world and enjoy an incredible leadership education myself.

At Green Templeton College I collaborate with Marshall Young on the Oxford Praxis Forum. Praxis is a Research Centre which provides a wonderful platform for many different experiments and innovations.

  • In 2012 I designed and facilitated an initiative called ‘The Cloud Chamber’ whose purpose was to provide a ‘transitional stage’ for senior medical practitioners to question and develop their own practise.

  • In 2013 I ran the first ‘Praxis Reading Weekend’ in Avila, Spain. You can read what one of the participants (former Apple strategist Chris Riley) said about it, here. Or what I said myself, here.

  • In May 2014 we ran the 'Awareness Experiment' with a wonderfully diverse group of practitioners to explore how, in different fields, attention and awareness are similar, or different.

  • In 2014 I arranged a Pathfinder Research event for Viv McWaters. The idea was to help find the right questions for her research, by engaging with senior practitioners from a particular field – in this case applied improv (one of my own interests).

  • In 2015 I was slacking.

  • In 2016 I designed and facilitated a “Level 7 Conversation” a development born out of the ‘Cloud Chamber’ (see above) again, for senior medical practitioners.

  • In 2017 we ran two Praxis Reading Retreats. 

  • In 2018 I took a pause (to write 'Do - Pause'....)

  • In 2019 we have started to work on an on-line publication ‘The Journal of Messy Thinking’.