Unprofessional history

For me, career has always been more of a verb than a noun. Somehow I got from studying Psychology at Oxford to working for a small Scottish ad agency, whilst living in Buenos Aires. As you do.

That led to a virtual, networked brand consultancy called Red Spider which I helped found and name (‘red’ meaning network in Spanish). We had some fascinating and cool projects like Star Wars, Wired Magazine and the launch of the EV1 electric car.

A invitation from Nike (to speak at their Design Camp) inadvertently gave birth to On Your Feet and a cheeky invite from a mate at British Gas (hat tip to Nick Smith) led to an opening at what was then Templeton College, Oxford. I couldn’t have planned this.

More than ten years, and two Associate Fellowships later I continue to be involved in ever more fascinating work at Oxford. In 2018 I was asked to be Programme Director of the Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme

I also am head of maintenance for our remote off-grid house in Arenas de San Pedro.  This involves digging out mud from the stream that supplies our water, mending the dirt roads and keeping an eye on the biomass boiler, solar thermal and solar electricity systems, all of which normally fail in terrible weather. One such challenge was protecting the underfloor heating pipes from being chewed by mice.

The photo shows me with hair, specifically, Miriam’s wig. We took it while she was having chemotherapy and she died a few months later. But she’s still with me.