For many years I have done more than one thing.

I act as a facilitator, consultant and coach. I straddle different fields – from leadership to creativity, innovation and branding. I draw on multiple sources of inspiration – from improvisational theatre to the science of complexity.

I work with a business I helped begin (On Your Feet) and with an ancient university (Oxford). I collaborate with an diverse range of people – from academics to zen priests. My clients include doctors, television executives and CEO’s.

I am, as Ella Saltmarshe says in her lovely TED talk, a polymath. I find the juxtaposition of different bodies of knowledge fruitful.

At the moment, there are four main strands to my work:

There is also one other activity I run (Parenthesis) together with Hilary Gallo.

And for 2017 I have a new book project in the works.  On the idea of ‘pause’ and how important it is to weave pauses, large and small, into our lives and our work.